Review Roundup: Debut Review Challenge

We’re halfway through the May/June 2021 Debut Review Challenge!

Join the fun by reading FIVE Kidlit debuts and writing reviews for them on Amazon, Goodreads, or other online book retailer. Enter to win by 6/30/21 HERE.

Don’t miss these fabulous debuts!

My Review: The strength of our country lies in its people. We help each other. We support, aid, and comfort each other. The flag is a powerful symbol of the United States because it reminds us of our unity. But the fabric of America is more than a flag; it is the hope stitching our country together, united & enduring. The beautiful collage art is the perfect pairing for the hopeful message that we are at our best together.
My Review: A¬†classic in the making, this bedtime book celebrates imagination, offers unconditional love and acceptance to the child with the busy mind who can’t fall asleep, and invites the reader on a journey where Little Bunny takes the lead and Mommy provides gentle support. Reminiscent of Margaret Wise Brown & Clement Hurd’s The Runaway Bunny and Goodnight Moon, this whimsical lullaby of a book is sure to give your little one happy dreams.¬†
My Review: What do you know about fish? If you think they are just swimmers with scales, think again! This book illuminates all the crazy and amazing adaptations that some fish use to survive. It features fish that sing and dance, produce snot and slime, and one that even climbs out of the water! Jaunty, rhyming text is paired with informative, and often hilarious, illustrations that offer Freaky and Funky ratings. Dive deeper with thorough backmatter that includes videos of some of these amazing creatures. Perfect for elementary classrooms and curious kids!
My Review: Patti McGee is the definition of grit, drive, & perseverance. From her first homemade skateboard to finding her footing in a male-dominated sport, Patti’s story is one of daring, passion, & joy. After all, “skateboarding is all about having fun.”

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