Author Visits

One of the great joys of being a children’s author is being able to share my love of reading and writing with students. I would be thrilled to come to your school!

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Rates for the 2023-2024 School Year

In-Person School Visits

Full-Day (three presentations, plus an author lunch bunch and book signing)

  • Local (within 40 miles of Leesburg, VA): $825 (travel included)
  • More than 50 miles from Leesburg, VA: $1050 PLUS travel expenses. (Schools are encouraged to book visits together in order to share expenses.)

Half-Day (two consecutive presentations)

  • Super Local (within 20 miles of Leesburg, VA): $475


  • Online book sale arranged by Author Visit Central: $30
  • One workshop: $250

Virtual School Visits

Full-day (three presentations, plus an online author lunch bunch and book signing): $550

Individual presentation: $200

Meet-the-Author story time: $100

FREE Offerings

15-Minute Virtual Read Aloud plus Q&A (limited to World Read Aloud Day – early February)

Contact me for more information at laura (at) laurarenauld (dot) com


A Writer’s Journey (Grades 2-5: 45 min.)

When you go on a roadtrip, you need to be prepared: map your route, research your destination, pack your suitcase…. A writer’s journey is very similar. From ideas and story maps to drafts and revision, let’s take a trip!

Laura uses her background as an elementary teacher to highlight the writing process in her engaging and interactive presentation, complete with suitcase!

Write, Revise, Repeat (Grades 2-5: 45 min. assembly or 60-90 min. workshop)

What does it take to make your story the best it can be? This deep-dive into revision techniques can be a large group presentation or a hands-on writing workshop with up to two classes.

Seasons and Stories (Grades PK-1: 30 min.)

Join the Woodland Friends for a tour of the seasons. Includes one read-aloud and an overview of the story-making process.


“Notes from the Nest” – Spring 2023 – A Trantwood Elementary School Podcast: Trantwood Tidbit – Author Visit, hosted by Joey, a 5th grader

Laura Renauld’s presentation is engaging and connects well with the writing curriculum. Students were excited to participate in her interactive presentation.” – Librarian, Belvedere Elementary

Laura’s presentation was wonderful. The children were engaged throughout her presentation. She made the steps for the writing process sound exciting and something everyone is capable of achieving. She knew how to engage young children and keep their interest. We love getting to know Laura as an author through her works and as a person by her sharing of personal information. She provided an energy that helped to motivate our students to engage more in the writing process and improve as authors. – First Grade Teacher, Belvedere Elementary

Not only did Laura provide a presentation that connected to the curriculum, she connected it to the school-wide read of Wishtree. Everything she did was made to fit like she was a member of the faculty and was a part of the Old Hundred ES family. The students welcomed her like the writing hero she is and were engaged from the moment she set foot in the building. – Librarian, Old Hundred Elementary