Debut Review Challenge – Weekly Update & a Chance to WIN!

In previous challenges, I hosted interviews with the participants. My favorite section of the interview was called STORY SMASH, where storytellers took elements from old manuscripts that were stashed in a drawer to come up with a new, and often hilarious, story idea. Plus, it gave me a great reason to use this GIF:

This round, I’ve moved STORY SMASH to Instagram.

Don’t miss these mashups HERE!

Have you heard of #BookFaceFriday? It is a fabulous hashtag to follow on Instagram and this week the #DebutReviewChallenge is getting in on the fun! I hope you join us today, Friday, October 30, 2020. Comment on one of our posts by Sunday night and you’ll be enter to win a SIGNED COPY of ASTRID & APOLLO and SWAG from V. T. Bidania. SO…

Comment on this:

And you could win this!

Thank you for supporting debut Kidlit creators!

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