How to Find Kidlit Debuts

So you’ve joined the #DebutReviewChallenge and your are determined to write five online reviews for debut Kidlit creators. But… wait. Where do you find those books, anyway?

One of my favorite ways to discover debut Kidlit creators is on social media. There are a number of debut promotional groups that serve to inform, entertain, and cross-promote books published by the group’s members.

Here are the groups that I’m aware of:


@picturebookbuzz ‏


@NRock2020 (New Readers Rock 2020; not exclusively a debut group)

Once you have a list of debut books you’d like to read, head over to your local library. It is not feasible to buy every new book so utilize your library and BORROW them!

And here’s one of the best way to support debut authors and illustrators. If your library doesn’t have a copy of a book you are looking for, REQUEST THAT THEY ADD IT TO THEIR COLLECTION. Most library systems are very open to suggestions from their patrons.

In addition, libraries often have NEW BOOKS shelves. While that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll pick up a debut book, asking the librarian or doing a little research online can give you the yay or nay you are looking for.

If you’ve found a gem of a book, why not share the cover image, enthusiastic emojis, or even part of your review on social media? TAG the creator and #DebutReviewChallenge. Let’s share all of this Kidlit goodness!

And when you have completed FIVE reviews online, fill out this FORM. You just might win a prize from a debut book creator!

Thank you for participating in the #DebutReviewChallenge to give new Kidlit book creators a boost! #ReadReviewRepeat

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