Not all habits are bad…

Small, positive changes can make a BIG difference. We have good and bad habits in all areas of our lives, but since I’m a children’s writer, I’m thinking of reading and writing habits.

What if you made a commitment to review one book per month… How about one per week? What if you dedicated a half hour on Sunday afternoons to reviewing books online?

Think of each review as a snowflake. One is hard to see and doesn’t make a big difference, but together, they add up to a snowball … a snowman … a snow fort … a blizzard! While the “right number” of reviews on any given site is a little hard to pin down, what we do know is that MORE IS BETTER. MORE reviews lead to MORE exposure which means MORE children will ultimately read those books. And as children’s writers, that is our goal: books into the hands of kids.

So go write an honest review for a book you love. And make it a habit!

**Stay tuned for a new challenge that will support debut Kidlit creators.
There are prizes involved. PRIZES!**

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