The Secret to an Inspired Writing Life: PLAY!

Do you remember what it felt like as a child to lose yourself in imaginary play? You became part of the world you created, whether hosting a proper tea party or teaching animals aerobatics.

When we write, especially as writers for children, we can get back in touch with our inner child through play. If you have a preschooler at home, this will be easy. Join in their latest adventure.

If not, no worries. Just think about your hobbies. Hobby is just a grown-up word for play. Do you like to garden? Hike? Read? Fish? Knit? Woodwork? Collect? Make music? Cook?

Pursuing creative endeavors that feed the soul is not time wasted. It is an investment in your imagination. The snake that slithered across your path, the cake that fell flat, the rainbow-inspired flower bed… All are seeds for a scene or a story.

So take your inner-child by the hand and let her steer the ship. Your writing will thank you.

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